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Make your business smart by automating all business processes.

A No Code automation platform that gives everyone the power to automate and optimise their processes by creating digital workflows between various business applications, making people interact, automating repetitive tasks, with full traceability of all processes and constant monitoring of workloads and execution times.

Claudio is able to support business process management through a range of automated tasks, including:

  • The scanning of receipts and documents;
  • The onboarding process of new employees and their initial training;
    Continuous training
  • The onboarding process of new customers;
  • E-mail marketing and customer nurturing process
  • Automated cross selling and up selling process;
  • Customer service and customer interactions;
  • Auditing processes (production controls, process effectiveness, bottlenecks, sales reporting, cash flow, collections, overdue, etc.);
  • IT Operations processes (Back up, Restore, User enabling etc.);
    Payroll cycle processes and all time and expense reporting activities;
  • Back office administrative processes;
  • GDPR policies (Deletion of user data, automated data processing information etc.);
  • Report generation, content analysis and forwarding via e-mail to the correct recipients;
  • And more.

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