Why Us - Automyo


We are an innovative startup developing solutions to automate, simplify, optimize and speed up your company's activities.
Both for repetitive and boring processes and for high human error risk tasks.


Claudio is the first no-code automation platform that allows you to custom design your own automated workflow with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Building a very complicated automation also becomes a linear and logical designing activity via a drag & drop interface.

Easy automation

We aim to make your business lean and sharp – through automation processes – to succeed in your business goals by facilitating the automation and performance of the thousands of repetitive tasks we interact on a daily basis.


The list of Apps & Software covered allows interconnecting individual pipelines or the entire business, including when using “on premise” or third-party solutions.

Simple learning

Claudio, our solution, is really simple. The easiest way to get started is going through the templates we have designed and provided and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

A free demo is also available for you to request, and start moving steps forward from there.

warm up

Each new user receives at least 2 hours of free training and education on how to start automating their business.


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