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Automation glossary

Logic operation that allows you to initiate two or more different actions according to a given criterion (ie. if an email comes from Antonio, then do “xxx”, if an email comes from Mario, then do “xyx”).

Summary section where you can find reports and facts about your flows: the number of created flows, usage statistics, errors, etc.

A flow is the sum of apps and operations used to create an automation.

In the dashboard of Claudio you can find a list of all the flows you have created, with detailed information about their status.

An advanced tool that give you the ability to add ramifications on your automation flow. 

If positioned inside one of your flows, it allows you to start other previosly prepared and saved flows.

Advanced tool that allows you to repeat the same action indefinitely, since it is completely executed.

Premium applications, generally, are apps that need a registration and a business account or that come with a native limite of data exchange limit.

Advanced section intended for programmers that need more customizations and are able to build their own APIs and Apps.

Ready-to-use Claudio automation flows, divided into 3 main categories:

  • User recipes: flows realised during your activity. They get saved and you can use them to recreate other flows (useful in case you need to automate several similar flows with only minor changes);
  • User-shared recipes: flows generated by other users shared for the entire community’s disposal;
  • Public Recipes: flows designed by our team of experts.

In this section you can find a summary of the accounts you connected, which you can use while configuring your flows.