Digitization and increase in efficiency in the company.

The Customer Care case.

The most modern business organizations are very careful to monitor and guarantee the satisfaction of customers (both potential and existing). This attention is reflected, for example, in the structuring of corporate offices that are completely dedicated to managing communication with the customer in the after-sales phase (Customer Care).

The quality of the service offered becomes, particularly in this historical period, one of the criteria for choosing a product. Focusing on a high-quality service is not a foregone choice for a company also because it often involves increasing costs in considerable quantities; in a highly competitive world, companies must distinguish themselves with services that are more efficient than the average, more expensive and at the same time very competitive in terms of the final price to the customer.

In general, if the customer needs to have answers from the company that are as immediate as possible, always coherent and above all resolving the problem, the company must instead have a set of processes and IT tools that allow it to carry out the actions. necessary.

The problem

What are the critical issues that an office dedicated to Customer Service finds itself facing? In a mass, globalized and digital society, the number of messages that arrive daily can be critical, if not managed with an adequate process, with a very large team, or with a very efficient IT system that manages to lighten human work.

In fact, we think of the classic generic e-mail boxes (info@company.it), advertised on the website, on social networks and in company brochures, which become the channel not only for potential customers or aspiring employees but also for bot networks that constantly surf on the web in search of information to be used for phishing actions, attacks on corporate systems or simply for massive commercial actions.

Wanting to exclude the most serious problems, related to data theft, receiving such heterogeneous massive e-mails is a problem from several points of view:

  1. Important messages can be lost as they are driven to a spam box by the generic filters set by the provider;

  2. Urgent messages can be read late due to the large amount of e-mails to be checked;

  3. Useful messages can be underestimated as they are read by non-professionals.

If you have experienced one of these situations at least once, you may find it interesting to know that there are solutions, and they are very simple.

The solution

Solving the problem of the large number of communications (mostly conveyed by e-mail) may seem simple. On the other hand, the e-mail filters of the same mail providers are now very advanced and often work in an excellent way, recognizing and eliminating many spam e-mails.

Why is this not enough? Although developed, the provider filters do not solve all three of the listed problems, and being generic, they do not allow you to customize them to improve efficiency.

Our solution to the problem is entirely based on Claudio, the business process automation software developed by Automyo. In fact, we have identified at least two ways (different in terms of efficiency and speed of implementation) that can be achieved using Claudio. The flexibility of an automation tool of this type still allows each company to develop simpler or more structured automations if necessary according to the most specific needs (or change over time, as needs evolve).

Here are our two proposals:

Claudio’s Basic solution:

  • Configuration of simple tasks using a keyword filter that operates on both the object and the body of the text.

  • Deciding which e-mail addresses, or type of addresses or domains, to use for forwarding and sending notifications (based on keywords, or different parameters based on your needs).

Claudio’s Advanced solution:

Flow-based on the pre-trained proprietary neural network, which allows Claudio to independently understand the content of the email and redirect it to the office in charge in an automated way.

The parameters can be modified, allowing the customer to have automation as close as possible to the needs of their company. The advantage over the first solution is that the time taken to customize the solution is reduced to a minimum. You no longer have to strive to identify the keywords to use, or the contact persons to enter, but only file the result of the machine with information that only those who live in the company know.

The benefit

The benefits of automation for an office with delicate tasks, such as the office dedicated to customers, are easily understood. The multiple benefits can be divided into immediate and non-immediate benefits, depending on whether they are immediately available to the company:

  • Savings of budget and resources on repetitive activities (think of the numerous teams of the customer care departments and secretariats);

  • Sharing and transparency of information in automated processes;

  • Easy integrations with your business tools in just a few clicks.

  • Continuous monitoring of the flows created;

Equally important are the benefits that give results that can be seen in the long term:

  • Ready-to-use recipes for future needs, also thanks to connectors to be added to flows in a few clicks;

  • Greater efficiency of work processes, detectable by a greater amount of tasks completed by their business teams;

  • Lower burnout rate among its employees, usually also detectable through a lower turnover rate (resignation) and therefore less stress on the HR function, which can thus focus on strategic personnel development plans (e.g. internal training).

How to get started

How to get started

Compared to the automation software of the past, Claudio allows for quick and simple implementation within corporate ecosystems.

Taking advantage of the experience of the last two years with our customers, we have tried to standardize and improve the Claudio on-boarding process even more. Today we can promise you that using Claudio is not only easy but to make the most of it and autonomously it only takes 4 days.

Would you like to know more? Download our paper dedicated to Customer Care.

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