How to use automation to simplify processes in an accounting firm

The need to automate repetitive tasks is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of accountants.
From ensuring compliance at every step of the process to keeping clients satisfied, accounting firms find themselves performing a number of time-consuming tasks that could easily be automated.
In fact, many accounting firms have started using automation to streamline processes and save time.
After all, why spend an entire working day manually organising files when it can take literally 15 minutes to set up automated workflows to do it on their own?

Which processes should be automated?
Automation is a great way to save time and effort, but which activities should be focused on in accounting firms?

Among the activities that are easily automated and vital in the case of accounting firms are:
– data entry;
– the organisation of files;
– the scheduling of appointments.

All tedious and time-consuming activities in the accounting world, but essential to the success of any accounting firm.

However, there are a number of activities that although not prioritised are equally important, as they help to maintain quality control.
For example, if a firm undergoes regular audits, it would be desirable to automate the collection of client data to ensure that data is compliant and that no information is missing. Other activities to be automated might relate to marketing, such as report generation.
These activities are not as time-consuming as others, but thanks to automation, they have less impact on the workload and help to ensure compliance with audit requirements and to remain compliant with customers.

Our solution: Claudio
Claudio is the tool we built to make automation usable.
Thanks to our platform, anyone acquires the ability to generate automation processes autonomously.
Claudio is completely NO-CODE: it requires no technical skills and can be used not only by technicians or IT experts, but by anyone: starting from a previously created recipe or designing a new flow in just a few clicks.

Claudio integrates with most of the software programmes on the market and can be integrated with accounting management software.

Which flows in an accounting office can Claudio automate?
For example, the flow for setting a calendar-integrated reminder to notify a client of a tax-related due date.

In addition, CRM integration is possible to organise clients and keep track of appointments.

Among the various tasks that can be automated with Claudio:
E-mail management (e.g. answering general enquiries and sorting of e-mails)
Generating reports
Data organisation

Focus on a use case

Let’s focus on the automation by the accounting firm of the input of applications for the 110% building bonus.
This activity consists of two basic steps:
Compilation of the application on a programme provided by the Revenue Agency.
Sending the output produced via the Agenzia delle Entrate website.

Claudio perfects the compilation, simulating human intervention both in entering it on the first programme (step 1) and in sending all the files produced via the Inland Revenue website (step 2).
With a single compilation, Claudio makes it possible to define:
– The interventions for one or more apartment blocks.
– Interventions for individual apartment blocks.

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