BONUS 110%: How Automyo can help Accounting Firms

There is a growing need in the world of accountants to automate repetitive tasks, streamline accounting and financial processes, and, at the same time, increase productivity.

Such was the case with one of our clients, an established accountancy firm, who needed to automate the entry of applications for the 110% construction bonus. Here is a concrete example to streamline processes in an accounting firm.


Bonus 110% for accounting firms, the contribution of Automyo

The activity related to applying for the 110% bonus consists of two basic steps:

  1. Completion of the application on the CIR20 program provided by the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. Sending the output produced in step 1 through the Desktop Telematico program, which can also be found on the website of the Internal Revenue Service.


Input data were collected within an excel file also made available by the Internal Revenue Service, but that did not cover all the data to be entered.

Automyo’s activity was to refine an input excel file by adding all the missing fields to automate the procedure.

 We also developed a robot to simulate human intervention both inputting on the first application for automatic compilation on the CIR program and sending all the files produced with the second application the Desktop Telematico program.

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Data entry, filling out paperwork, sending declarations: the activities of accountants often become tedious and repetitive, taking time away from more important practices.


Bonus 110%, the main steps and how to optimize them thanks to Automyo

For example, practices related to the 110% bonus have three main stages:

  1. data retrieval from clients
  2. compilation of data on ministerial applications
  3. telematic submissions


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We have automated the entire process through our no-code automation platform. Our Robot allows, with a single compilation, to define:

  • the interventions for one or more condominiums;
  • the interventions for individual apartment buildings.


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