Automyo's Guide to a perfect automation adoption

Learn how startups and structured companies automated slow and time-consuming processes.

Discover the benefits of an automated Virtual Employee: make your team more efficient and satisfied and let them focus only on key projects.

3 real automation use-cases inside – startups and large companies

Main topics Covered

Virtual Employee

A little explanation of a widespread term and our advice on how to make the best out of it

Automation Problems

Why manual problems are becoming a critical issue for modern companies

Case Studies

Former manual processes utterly automated to save on time and mental resources

Free Consultancy

Be aware of the problems, check the possible alternatives and exploit our solutions


Free Download

Don’t take our word for it. Read our automation paper and see how a well-structured automation project can help your business.

Luca Adamo, CEO of Automyo.

Passionate about automation, Artificial Intelligence and BigData treatment. In his previous experiences with multinational companies he has gained extensive experience in coordinating varied and numerous teams, as well as in the management of complex projects.

Embrace Automation

Some numbers

Average number of process automations per company
+ 0
Average number of processes synched together
+ 0
Applications and services integrated together
+ 0
Hours per day of service activity

About Automyo

Automyo is an Italian startup born at the beginning of 2020 as a spin off of the GreenVulcano Technologies group. 

Our company has an ambitious goal: to collect and strengthen the inheritance left by the IT process automation experts behind the product Claudio.

About Claudio

Claudio is the main product of Automyo.

The cloud and on-premise automation platform supports companies in their journey toward digitization and, in particular, helps companies to develop the needed infrastructure, focusing their IT efforts in line with their budget and ambitions.

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