Make Data always available, to all departments and business applications, at any time.

The Digital Transition is accentuating the phenomenon of having the data that underpin the functioning of any business. These must be collected in a timely manner, have a high rate of veracity and be usable and available in a multi-channel manner.
In a world that is speeding up its times at a dizzying pace, it is crucial to have data available, when it is needed and where it is needed.

Claudio is able to support the management of corporate data through a range of automated tasks, including:

  • Migration and data entry via RPA, which can replace manual work and prevent potential transcription errors;
  • Setting up bots to automatically update the most relevant data from forms or e-mails, which can ensure that areas such as Human Resources, Customer Service or Marketing always have access to up-to-date and correct data;
  • Effective and accurate general data control, in the sense of cross-checking this against publicly available data, through RPA automation;
  • Automated on-screen data scanning, optical character recognition and basic pattern recognition technologies via RPA, facilitating data extraction from almost any format, reducing the need to type data manually;
  • Report generation, content analysis and forwarding via e-mail to the correct recipients;