The day-to-day management of your organisation's IT services at the click of a mouse.

IT Operations is one of the four functions identified in the ITIL best practice framework for IT service management, alongside Technical Management, Application Management and Service Desk. 
An example of IT Operations is the response to tickets created for maintenance work or handling problems reported by customers.
Outside working hours, and in the absence of self-provisioning services, some operational teams use the tool of ‘on-call’, entrusting the resolution of extraordinary tasks to so-called ‘on-call responses’.

Many of these tasks are routine and can be automated.

Claudio’s robots are capable of performing numerous functions, including:

  • Enabling/Disabling utilities;
  • Data recovery;
    Production of periodic reports;
  • Self Provisioning of services for your users;
  • Large-scale migration of servers and data from one location to another;
  • Upgrade of operating systems and applications
  • Routing and processing of helpdesk tickets
  • Password resetting;
  • Authorisation and access management, and much more.