The HR 4.0 logic: digital transformation and automation for human resources

How is the HR department changing in light of the enterprise digital transformation? What methods can be used to optimize talent management and acquisition processes?



The opportunities of digital

The pandemic has accelerated the business process of digital transformation, which is essential to allow enterprises to remain competitive inside the relevant. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs and managers have had and continue to have the responsibility of getting ahead of these continuous evolutions, researching and proposing new solutions, designed to support all business organization departments to work more efficiently and smartly.



Challenges for HR function

The HR area is experiencing changes brought by digital technologies at all stages of HR management as well: from talent acquisition to onboarding, from employer branding to internal communication activities, from talent retention to employee management and remote activities, to the adoption of hybrid or smart working, an increasingly flexible organizational model that combines elements of digital with the principles of work-life balance integration.


As KPGM observed in its “Rise of the Humans” reports, the growth and convergence of solutions that harness the potential of artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning and cognitive platforms have had a profound impact on the workforce. As a matter of fact, today we hear about HR 4.0.


How, then, does the new automation culture that is changing the needs of organizations themselves, from a structural, management and operational perspective, fall within this context?


The adoption of systems that support the automation of core HR processes makes it possible to:

  • optimize the activities of early resume screening and management of large applicant pools;
  • optimize the hiring and on-boarding process;
  • manage administrative and bureaucratic tasks that are usually repetitive and done manually;
  • monitor employees’ habits and skills in a more methodical way so as to better meet their needs and improve performance;
  • collect, manage and analyze the amount of data related to the workforce;
  • automatically perform routine tasks such as authorizing timesheets, updating personnel records, scheduling attendance and managing leave.


As a result, automating the human resources department not only becomes critical but brings several benefits. What systems and solutions to choose?



From traditional to 4.0 management: Claudio supporting HR

Claudio can help back up the HR function through the automation of a range of activities including:

  • communications sorting integration with work processes;
  • on-boarding processes for new employees:
  • educational pathways according to rank;
  • timesheet management and industrial labor reporting;
  • digitization of internal business processes;
  • availability of h24 self provisioning services on the basis of precise authorization levels;
  • traceability of processes;
  • monitoring of workloads and execution times:
  • e-recruiting.


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