There are several myths revolving around the topic of automation, and as is often the case, these make people skeptical.

Automation helps to improve and optimize repetitive and monotonous business activities by eliminating the human error or distraction error, which is inherent in humans.

However, people still seem to be frightened of the benefits of automation and the platforms that provide this service, because there are beliefs that hover around this phenomenon.

Let’s look together at five false myths about automation.


MYTH 1 – Automation kills work, and takes work away from people.

Not so fast! This is not exactly how it works. Automation brings business change, and some tasks are done by the same, but this way people have more time to perform rewarding tasks and add value to the target company.

MYTH 2 – Automation comes at too high a cost!

Hold on ! Apparently it is true that automation requires a substantial investment, but in the long run it helps save money, as all it does is streamline processes, increasing productivity, and making the company more effective and efficient.

MYTH 3 – Nice automation, but you have no control over sensitive data and are vulnerable in terms of cybersecurity !

ERROR ! Or rather, automation may be as vulnerable to attack as any other computer system, but the good news is that given the utility and contingent investment on this technology, experts are committed to improving its security day after day.
In addition, workflow automation can be protected by passwords, security protocols, and encryption, so it is not as easy to circumvent.

MYTH 4 – Automation is only for Big Companies

Again we are dealing with a real myth, like that of the Loch Ness monster.

Small companies and SMEs are making great use of it. Automation increases efficiency, reduces operating costs, and ensures higher data quality, as well as automating repetitive tasks, regardless of the size of the company.

MYTH 5 – Automation is too technical and complex.

Although automation is based on complex technology, it does not mean it is complicated to use. There is certainly a lot of programming work behind it, but whether you are tech-savvy or not, it doesn’t take much to start automating your tasks

Although the platforms appear to be sophisticated at first glance, they are very easy to use, often thanks to a ‘user friendly interface, intended especially for those who are not IT professionals.



These are just some of the most popular “myths” surrounding automation, and they certainly will not be the only ones. Certainly automation is not the solution to all problems, but it can help solve some of the business problems. In this digital age, where technology is an integral part pf our daily lives, theres is no reason to ignore it when it comes to business.

Myths about automation are often based on misconceptions that have been propagated. From the moment you know all the facts you are able to make a more considered and right choice for your business.

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